Exumas Land and Sea Park


There aren't many Gunboats in the world, so when you have a chance to meet up with another member of the Gunboat Family, its a real hootenanny!  We had a blast joining forces with Alia, one of the few other Gunboats to be sailing the seas with young kids onboard. We moored together off Warderick Wells, the island headquarters for the Exumas Land and Sea Park.  The snorkeling and SUP rides over the protected waters were epic.  As no fishing is allowed in the Park, some of the crew used Alia's supercharged dinghy to zip them back over the no-fishing boundary lines near Compass Key, where fishing and lobstering is allowed.  The haul was awesome, using nothing but a hawaiian sling.  Together we assembled a makeshift New Years celebration on the beach with a few sparklers, some glitter streamers and a handful of glowsticks.  We didn't have much, but we made it unique and ultimately the best New Year's Eve we've ever experienced.