Avocado Mousse


·        2 cups mashed avocados

·       ½ teaspoon lime zest

·       3 ounces fresh-squeezed lime juice

·       ¼ cup  brown sugar

·       2  teaspoons pure vanilla extract

·       1 pinch sea salt

·       1 pinch ground cinnamon

·       1 pinch ground nutmeg

·       ¼ cup  fresh mango slices or passion fruit for garnish


1.     Place the avocados, lime zest, lime juice, sugar, vanilla, salt, cinnamon, cardamom, almond butter (if using) and other flavored extract (if using) in a food processor. Process until smooth and creamy.

2.     The flavor of this dish improves with time. For best results, let sit 20 minutes in the refrigerator, or even overnight, before serving.

3.     Garnish with tropical fruit( mango, passion fruit , papaya ,star fruit)